I remember everything visually and sometimes exact words spoken if they were impactful. My son was observed to have face blindness as a child, but I haven't noticed it at all as a young adult. Around age 17 he told us that he finally realized his organizational issue. He hadn't known that others can picture things in their heads, and he cannot. So, when I would ask him to organize just his desktop - thinking I was breaking down "clean your room" to a smaller, more reasonable request - he had no frame of reference because he couldn't picture what his organized desk looked like. We came up with the idea of helping him once, photographing it, and putting the photos on his wall. Suddenly, he could clean his room with no problem!

Neurodiverse educator, mother, and follower of Jesus. I write about my life, especially things pertaining to parenting, education, autism, and mental health.

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